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Originally Posted by Electronic M View Post
Scanning for channels varies from model to model...You need to RTFM!
Right some TV have one or more toooo slow channel scan routines like my Mediatek CPU 2013 40" 1080p Sony Bravia and 2015 55" 4K HDR Sony XBR Triluminos and the 2013 42"1080p LG LED/LCD are all slow and cumbersome scanning local RF channels into the channel memory blocks or doing anything at all .

OTOH the 2 mo. new out of box 2016 Samsung 4K QDOT 10 bit color HDR 1000 55" TV on the man cave/ wall in here scans in 34 locals at the push of an intuitive on screen Samsung Smart Hub access remote button & simple orbit > center button routine in seconds . it has a fast Samsung 4 Core CPU/SoC in it and turns on cold maybe 2 sec to in use > off /standby 1-2 sec. and reboots in maybe 5-7 sec. to last in use or default at an R/F and voice capable smart remote power button soft reset .

OTOH some years ago you couldn't give me a Samsung TV ,I had new Sonys (lots of them) mostly since 1994 but given I just had to put a new LED bar in the LCD panel and fix two boards in the 2015 4K HDR Sony 55X850C and new LED lamps in the 2013 1080p Sony Bravia inside of two years you can keep the new Sony Bravia subsidiary TV's

My 3.5 X brighter 2016 55 KS 8000 Samsung 4K HDR 1000 TV runs way cooler than the 55" Sony X850C anyway so thats better quality LED and thermal designs and also @ less wattage, 1.5 " thinner and lighter ,and both edge lit too by comparison my 2015 Sony is a Ford and the 2016 Samsung is a swift state of the art Bentley turbo !

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