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While I'm waiting on parts for the Zenith and better weather to take care of the cabinet, I decided that this would be my next project.
I brought it in and put it on my bench and after the customary pictures, I pulled off the back. Dirty but nice! No rust anywhere. It is a 19A1-SA chassis with a serial number of 38290. It has the rear mounted Vert. Lin pot and the extra .005uf 6Kv cap coming off the Vert. Cent pot.

More pictures of the chassis.

A good look underneath revealed a virgin chassis! I could not see anywhere where there was a component changed. As a matter of fact, it had all Admiral tubes except a RCA 5Y3GT LV rectifier tube. I pulled the HV cover, I was the first one to ever remove it, and while being a little dirty it looked factory "fresh" too.

Time to test the CRT. I plugged it into my Philco 50T-702 and got this:

Yup, the CRT looked pretty good. Time to order some HV caps and stuff I need. This looks like it'll be a good restoration. BTW, the cabinet is crack free and with some small scratches that should buff out.
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