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Pvm-8040 b&w?

Greetings VK friends!

I recently had a neighbor give me a pvm-8040 and a gvm1311q he intended to recycle or trash bin as he got them in a gov't auction and wasn't interested in the older a/v items. Happy to report the gvm-1311q is fine, I had no idea Sony made super fine pitch desktop monitors. I feel really lucky to have these instead of a landfill.
The 8" pvm works but is only displaying black and white. ?
As far as I can tell all of these 8040's were color. The monitor has a sticker on the front that says "DOC CAM". Maybe for police documents, etc?
I am puzzled and at a loss and I am a complete rookie with anything besides consumer CRTs.
On some pvms by pressing degauss and power you can access the service menu but this 8040 has no manual degauss.
There is no way I can find to adjust the color level like on a consumer.

Would any of you folks have any thoughts on this? Please and thank you in advance.

P.S.- The closest service manual I readily found was for an 8042 and not sure of finding what I needed.
Can anyone tell me what the white knob on the neck board/ca board adjusts?
Also, behind the tube, right side on the bottom there is a pot with a black, slotted knob for adjusting. Can anyone provide what that is as well?

Again, thanks!

P.S.S.- I tried two different input sources to make sure it wasn't the device or a cable.
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