Thread: Pvm-8040 b&w?
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Could be the chroma is just turned way down, either by user-accessible control or PCB trimpot.

In edit suites of old (like CMX-controlled 1" and D2 edit bays) there was sometimes a document camera or title camera used to shoot title cards -- non-digital actual layout/paste-up cards of logos or other graphic elements. These were keyed over video using the switcher. You had to zoom in/out, focus, and frame or crop the elements for use in edits. Real old-school. These cams were usually black and white, so that monitor might be modified.

Bonus trivia: 3-D-looking "page turns" were done by Xeroxing the graphic element on acetate sheets (like thick paper) and the editor would hold the corner of the acetate and lift/turn the sheet for the effect. Pointless anecdote.
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