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Hi Chris, thanks for responding. I ended up sending the main and audio boards out to a repair service that advertised that they could fix this exact problem. I got them back today and it works. The only thing that I see that has been done is that they either cut the center leg off of the regulator that I installed or they replaced it with another one and cut the center leg off of it. This regulator has 5 legs on one side. After seeing that I recalled another tv I repaired a while back that had a similar problem of not seeming to clear the fault and the fix was to cut the center leg of a component and that fixed it.I will have to look at my notes to see what brand it was as I cant remember for sure. You are right about it sounding like a cap issue but usually the 1st thing I do in a case like this is to test the caps with an esr tester and also to make sure they are within specs and in this case they were fine. I will look at my notes and post what the other brand and model was and what the issue was that it had.
I want to say that it was not a pioneer as we seldom ever see pioneer tvs but just cant recall which is why I keep notes on repairs that are a bit unusual. Sam
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