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i bought a daewoo 25 inch set at a "special" warehouse sale.the crt died after 30 minutes!we took it back and their"ace service tech"told me it was a cheap set and thats how they are supposed to look."its a daewoo,not a sony"the arrogant snob said.i pressed the issue and they opened it up to check the crt right in front of me.i had told them that if this crt is good,i would take it home and never bother them again.the crt was rca and it had been swapped from a repair shop in new york.a repair tag was inside.the crt tested very weak possibly blasted a few times by a over zealous died rapidly.they agreed to change out the crt.we got the call it was ready.i had them power it up and after 10 minutes it died again.crt wasnt changed,just hit a refund but i have had a few daewoo products and they seemed to be ok.not high quality or over engineered but decent buys for the money.
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