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Garage Sale Present for Me

This past weekend the community I live near had it's annual citywide rummage sale. My son found this radio for me for Father's Day, only five dollars. When I first glanced at at it I thought it was from the 50's or 60's. It is a Model 5 or 5a United American Bosch. The orientation of the RF cans and RF tube types are a help to identifying this model. The radio use 2.5 volt filament tubes and is a TRF circuit, about 1931/32. The radio is covered in Riders' 2-13. Its missing the knobs and back cover. I may have some wood knobs that come close to matching pictures I've seen online.
This should be an easier radio to repair if it doesn't have the brittle rubber insulated wiring I'm currently replacing in a Wells Gardner 1A62-4a chassis/ Coronado console we picked up at the flea market last month.
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