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Originally Posted by crt89 View Post
Really I guess it depends on the console. Mostly I just play video games in the bedroom on my 2007 Sylvania (Funai) 19". It has a pretty good picture and has the input jacks for my Wii. I've played Atari on it, with a converter to make the twin leads to coax, but the picture always has interference. Same with Atari 400. We used to have a 13" RCA from 1996 and I liked playing NES games on that, it had a great picture, and being they were RF output only worked just fine.

I don't think I've ever played a video game on a flat panel TV. When I played with friends we played on a projector on the wall and that was pretty good but the picture wasn't quite as good it seemed to me.

Projectors are gonna look fuzzy. You are taking a picture and making it 4-10x larger than it was ever intended to be. Flat panel tvs are TERRIBLE for old school gaming. I refuse to have one other than the one in the living room. Anything made up to and including the PS2, GameCube and XBOX Original looks good on a CRT and nothing else.

Funais are better tvs than they are given credit for. I have one I paid $20 for 6-7 years ago and it still runs like a champ. (Made 2001). I have had several tv/VCRs that died due to VCR failure, not tv problems. If you can get them for cheap they are not terrible. However an RCA or older Zenith would be superior in every way...

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