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Magnavox Mini changer from VM, Magnavox Automatics

Magnavox did not use VM changers because Collaro wasn't available, it was more for use in their less costly sets. Around 1966-67, they made their own budget changer for the cheapest mono portable to the tiny consoles and budget component sets. When they came out with the really small three piece stereo radio, they used a VM mini changer as an option for record playing, and later put that mini in some sets that were sold all together. The wretched pushbutton plastic atrocity with the tuning fork overarm seems to have been introduced on component sets, drum tables, and some of the cheaper armoire configurations. I believe they worked as fast as they could to retrofit customer sets with these failures, using the Magnavox Automatic, and then the next model year had the Automatics in place of these "Mark I" plasticrap bomb. Magnavox techs and experts, please correct me if I'm wrong, or add your take on this line of reasoning.
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