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I think once restored, you'll like it for what it is performance wise. And that Admiral Changer is neat, and performed well for the era, my Stepdad when he was a Radio/TV repair shop owner, sold Admiral, he liked their changers until he went to separate components (A Fisher 400 receiver, a Garrard SL 95B changer, a Stanton 681 EE cartridge, and Olson Coaxial speakers, when the Fisher's output iron shorted, I gave mom and dad a Kenwood receiver I bought after it was loaned to me while I was kit building my Dynaco Stereo 70, my Dynaco PAS 3x, and my HH ScottKit LT 112 tuner, and I used it with my Dynaco A 25 speakers and my AR XA91 turntable. I kit built that gear at age 9 years. Dad got jealous. The Kenwood didn't cost me all of $60 used and it served us well and wisely. And Dad loved it. A good peace offering.
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