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Well one can look at early to mid 60's estimates of all the radios sold in the USA (the number of transistor sets made before then is probably comparable to the number of tube sets made after), then multiply that by at least 5 (most of those sets were AA5s most of the rest were higher tube count).

Something similar could be done for TVs using ~1970 as the total sets sold point since most SS sets came out 1968 and later, and most tube sets were done by 1975. And something like 25 for an average tube count.

You'd have also have to factor in HiFi amps, phonographs, tape/wire recorders, computers (yes there were tube based computers), broadcast and industrial (such as telephone co) tube equipment, as well as replacement tubes for all such equipment...Also, CRTs and the microwave source in all microwave ovens (not to mention microwave RF communication systems) count as vacuum tubes too...And I'm probably forgetting other things like Photomultiplier tubes.
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