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Originally Posted by Electronic M View Post
The Zenith 900 series and the insignia and LG badged versions there of are real good. (can't believe you smashed a free one!) Out in Town of Barnes Wi (about as far from large populations as I've been) I was able to get 6-8 watchable DTV carriers and their sub channels with just an old 60's UHF bowtie on a Zenith. My Kworld ATSC tuner dongle on my laptop was only able to get 2 carriers.
On a side note, T-W cable in my area, totally discontinued all forms of analog reception. The last of the channels that were still analog, now have a screen that shows a message that states, "You need one of these", to get a picture. It shows a picture of the digital converter, that they furnish.
My 20" RCA, that everyone seems to hate, still gets the broadcast-type DTV channels from the cable. Same with jail sets, but they have to be re-scanned, as the ota, vs the cable frequencies are different.
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