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Spent last evening stripping down the door. A lot of the components again, are all screwed in so after a few dozen screws and about a dozen rivets on the exterior cladding you end up with this:

Okay, so here is the plan again. The damage is limited mainly to that end of the door. Because all the bracketing components for the latch are spot welded to the FRONT of the door I can surgically cut the side off. While it is removed I can bang out the curling caused by a prybar being used to open the machine. Once that is squared up I can then weld in a new piece of steel and start with the rust treatment. The damaged coin slot opening will be repaired with another piece of sheet metal so I can bolt the coin cup back in. A new piece of sheet metal will go over the front to mask the rest of the scars, which itself will be clad in new fake wood grain vinyl.
The one thing I do not have is a source for the trim pieces. Half of them are too badly damaged to be reused but are required to mask some of the edges, gaps and rivets.

Unfortunately, I'm out of time for the year. The frost has arrived.
The machine will have to be tarped up and moved so the work area can hold a car and shovelling tools for the winter. I'll have to continue on the door in the spring.
Over the Winter however, I get the lucky task of starting to look over what remains of the wiring harness and figuring out how it all goes back together because guess who STILL cannot find the goddamn schematics? Ugh....
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