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+1 on the cheap OBDII code reader, worth every penny.

my car (01 miata) would miss and bog when I was on the freeway, scary stuff. I replaced the engine ground strap and both ignition coils (hybrid coil on plug/wasted spark setup with short wires to jump to the other spark plugs) solved that problem. It still is kinda hard to start so I'm gonna see if she will throw a cam sensor code.......

Sometimes code readers don't work though. Last summer my grandma's Buick (3100 v6) just wouldn't start one day. I plugged in the reader and got no fault codes! I determined it wasn't getting spark, tested the DIS igniter module (under the 3 dual tower ignition coils), replaced the crank sensor under the damn harmonic balancer, and still no fire. turns out it was the OTHER crank sensor that plugged into the lower side of the engine block (facing the firewall/subframe) I replaced that and it fired right up.
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