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Originally Posted by bgadow View Post
JC, guess I should run my mouth more often! I'll have to keep an eye out for Nancy on my travels. Yesterday I went to an estate sale where they had a lot of records, mostly 70s pop/rock, but I didn't bother looking.
LOL.You probably had no idea I was a record collector and had a massive collection which besides the records in the house nearly completely filled that 16' by 12' shed I had just bought that you got the tvs out of by the time I got them all out of storage,some from a dirt floor shed. Lost 3 cardboard boxes full of minty records to termites from that shed. They even ate the labels off the records themselves and their waste on the vinyl was so bad I didn't even try to save them. Just chunked them in the landfill.
Not having adequate in house space for a record collection really sucks.If only I had the money to build a record room with the walls lined with shelves for them but wait I don't even own this place,I rent.Sucks to be poor.
Doing the purge at least allows me a little moving around room in the shed. Even if I had mentioned the jukeboxes back then(I think I did) jukeboxes use 45s and 78s so you pobably wouldn't think I had radio shows on LPs.
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