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I have a few radio station programs on LP. I have several records of "The British Wax Museum" from the late '80's. These records contain several short spots that spotlight a song by a British artist/group. They give a little history about the song/band and then they play the song.

I also have some record sets of "Solid Gold Scrapbook" from '90-'91. As you might expect, this is an oldies show that features music from the '50's, '60's, and '70's.

I have some Air Force promotional LP's from the '70's. These contain current rock hits of the day and they were designed to promote the US Air Force. Some of the records have Wolfman Jack on them.

The newest radio programs on LP that I've seen were from '92-'93. I forgot the name of them; but, they were from a local "hole in the wall" black gospel AM station and the records contained black gospel music (as you would probably expect). I think this station was the last in our market to still play records over the air. As recent as '05-'06, they still had one old beat up QRK turntable in the studio. I eventually ended up trading him a manually operated Technics home turntable and I think they still use it from time to time.

A DJ friend of mine told me that 1990 was the year that record companies stopped sending out LP's and 45's and started sending everything out on CD. After 1990, he said the only vinyl that was played on the air was older material.
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