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There is a certain cheesy pleasure listening to a DJ doing one of those interviews-like an afternoon jockey at a small-market AM daytimer could just ring up Styx on the line one day for a nice chat...I haven't picked up such an album myself.

One curio I have is a mid-70s LP put out by a radio trade association (National Association of Broadcasters?) featuring a campaign based on the Ray Stevens song "Everything is Beautiful." In their version it is "Radio is Beautiful." The record includes one or two full-length versions of the song and shorter snippets, plus lots of humorous bits, sound effects and things for stations to play. There is one part where an announcer says the words, "Over 7,000 radio stations bring you news, entertainment" etc (I may have the number off) and every time I hear that it gives me a chill, just something about the number of stations in the US.
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