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Originally Posted by Titan1a View Post
Why, WHY upgrade to better pictures when the programming hasn't improved in DECADES? Broadcast TV is mediocre and cable TV is HUNDREDS of SUCKEY programs! I don't need higher definition or better sound. I'll stick with DVD, Amazon or the subchannels.
Originally Posted by Jon A. View Post
No kidding. From what I heard the first TV shows were reality-based, so it's come full-circle except there are a heck of a lot more channels with that crap.

I'm not familiar with programming on Amazon or the subchannels, I just use DVDs.
Great points guys.If this DTV happen 35 plus years ago.Shows were great then and would enjoy watching Knightrider,Six Million Dollar Man . ETC in full Hidef when it was first aired.I probably wont be complaining about it.With todays TV with junk programing like reality shows,crap talk shows,fake news shows on the big four nets.I'm glad that I rid of extended basic cable .

If I was a sports fan I would be happy for the upgrades since its only useful for plus movies too. .

I always had the feeling that the reason why they are shrinking the TV band in resent years because TV sucks and the ratings are dropping like flies in the resent years.Why bother with all the extra channels and nobody is watching them.The only good shows are the CSI series .The new Hawaii Five O,New McGyver and similar drama shows.Sitcoms are not funny and boring.

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