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Originally Posted by dieseljeep View Post
Seems like a little peer-pressure.
Reminds me of the Eddie Murphy routine about the ice cream cone.
" I have a CR70 and you don't".
I bought one a while back, because I was starting to feel inferior to the rest of the group here.
Now you need to get the Sencore CR7000 to keep up with some of us!

Actually I'm not a fan of the Sencore CR70 for testing color CRTs. For testing color tubes I prefer the testers that have separate meters for each gun as they give you a better indication of comparable warm-up speed, weak guns, maximum emissions readings, life test inconsistencies, etc. Therefore I'd rather test with a B&K 467 or 490, RCA WT-333A, Heathkit IT-5230, the REM, Beltron testers, etc. There is probably no quicker tester to use on old roundie color CRTs than the Beltron units.

And even though I do have the CR7000, I prefer to watch a metered display rather than the often undefinable rows of LEDs, so it rarely gets used.


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