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Originally Posted by dieseljeep View Post
Seems like a little peer-pressure.
Reminds me of the Eddie Murphy routine about the ice cream cone.
" I have a CR70 and you don't".
I bought one a while back, because I was starting to feel inferior to the rest of the group here.
The CR-70 has been on my list for a while (that demonstration I mentioned was...Hmm...6-7 years ago ). Was always too broke/cheap for one, and my B&K 466 has proved to be an accurate, comfortable and user friendly rig....Heck on all ,but CRTs with odd focus/G1/heater voltages, screw the set up manual, all you need is the right adapter and the knobs practically set themselves....If I had a monkey, a bunch of different testers, and a room full of CRTs that needed testing I'd give the monkey my B&K and tell him to have fun.
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