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Originally Posted by TUD1 View Post
I cleaned the CR70 as much as I could, and it actually cleaned up well. I went to Lowe's to try to find plastic feet for the bottom, and nobody had any idea what I was talking about.
Neither Lowe's nor Menards (the latter usually more likely) had "plastic feet".
No idea what they were.

But Menards had "furniture slides", a very large display. Amongst them
were plastic feet of all descriptions, also a large selection.

What Lowe's does have is a large selection of misc hardware stuff that
we need, especially for boatanchors. Cotter pins, standoffs, those clips that
hold shafts in place, nice 4x4 inch sheets of metal, etc. They are in the drawers
under the bolts and nuts, look in "automotive" drawers there too. (Edit: By "there" I mean
under the bolts and nuts. If you need odd hardware, try there first. Don't believe
the drawer labels, check everything at at least once to get an idea.)

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