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This isn't the same chancellor set that Captainmoody had it is? If so, it was mine before Dwight got it.

Fine tuning issues is one or two things. This era of Zenith used an "O-ring" as a drive belt for the fine tuner. Typically, the original O-ring breaks due to age. A simple hardware store replacement works just fine. The 2nd issue is that the fine tuning gear that's attached to the shaft (inside the tuner) that is driven by the O-ring belt develops a small hairline crack and the gear spins on the shaft, thus not enabling fine tuning. It's a splined shaft that the gear is pressed over. It doesn't actually need to be replaced, but rather, remove the fine tuning gear, find the hairline crack alone the gear tooth (typically easy to find), add a drop of super glue in the crack and spin the shaft to spread the glue until the gear adheres to the shaft and you're good to go.
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