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Well It Was Working

My '64 Zenith (see space command remote thread) was working great last night. I had all of the buttons on the remote working. I could turn the tv off and on, volume worked, mute button and channel up and down. I turned the set off for the night with the remote and the tv off/on button pushed in. I then unplugged the set. This is what I did today that apparently caused the set not to work. A friend gave me a set of cables that allow me to play music on my smart phone through the tape outputs on the back of the set.You plug the cables into the tape output jacks and the two cables go into one which plugs into the earphone jack on the smartphone. I turned the tuner on with the tape button pushed in then was playing music. I did have the volume fairly high for a short time. After I finished listening to music, I turned the tuner off and about three hours later I tried to turn the tv on with the remote. Nothing. The set would not come on. I tried to turn the set on with the tv on/off button and nothing. When I put the remote chassis switch from automatic to manual, I could turn the tv on. If I try to turn the switch back to automatic while the tv is on, it turns the tv off. Somehow there must be a connection between playing music through the tape outputs and the remote chassis. I don't know what happened. HELP!!!
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