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Four. I just got into this last year and my area isn't exactly an old TV breeding ground. I used to have more but I took in a lot of later-model junk as well.

1. 1988 Zenith model SE5535G console with the 9-516 main module that is in regular use. The original remote was cracked and hardly any of the buttons worked; I just dug out my NOS 1981 Zenith remote and found out that it works with this set.

2. 1978 RCA XL-100 19" set. It's awaiting repairs for a vertical problem that is common to the CTC88.

3. 1973 Zenith Chromacolor 25" console with the 25DC56 chassis and Space Command 500. I'm still waiting to get ahead enough to get good equipment to replace the white safety caps. Ran when last started.

4. 1971 Admiral K20 chassis 25" console. No idea of its health but it's a keeper.
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