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I still use my Win 98 computer from 1998 which is custom made from scratch .

Its a no name Win98. Fire Fox . P2 450 ,10GB HD with 512MB memory with Soundblaster live sound card,Diamond video card,Hauppauge Win-TV capture card,Miro video capture card,Samsung DVDrom ,Philips CD-writer.Digiview 17 inch monitor and Altec Lansing 3 piece speakers.

Now I'm just fed up with all the current crap of software like Adobe Flash and Java and it relatives and what have you they loaded into the websites.
I'll go back and use the win98 machine.

The computer that posting this is a Dell Inspiron from 2008 with Win Vista.

I already had my share of Win 8 and 8.1 on my friend laptop.It sucks.

Meantime I have no issues with this forum loading over here.It runs great with Firefox 36.Thanks.
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