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Originally Posted by benman94 View Post
I am gathering up tubes to send along with the chassis when Nick restores it. The cascode RF amp is listed as either a 6BQ7A or a 6BZ7. I know they're interchangeable, but I'd like to know which should give a better noise factor. I plan on taking the set up to Sault Ste. Marie to DX some Canadian analog repeaters once it's working properly. I just have to see it working the way it would have in 1954 with a proper antenna etc.

The other, more troublesome, tubes are in the chroma. The service manual lists the R-Y and B-Y demod tubes as being either type 6AS6 or 6DB6. It also specifically states to only replace with the type shipped with the reciever. I have no clue what was in the set originally. Am I correct in assuming that one could stick either tube type in, perform an alignment of the chroma sub chassis, and be fine?

Any guidance is much appreciated...

I assume you've checked the cabinet tube chart if available. And also the Sams which I'm including here. Hope this helps.

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