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Originally Posted by Eric H View Post
I noticed whenever I'm in a Forum the page keeps reloading every few seconds making it impossible to go back a page.

I'm using Firefox 55.0.3

It's not noticeable except for the little Circle in the corner spinning around, and if you hold down the back button you will see the long list of the same page.

If I enable the Ad Blocker it stops doing this.

I'm not sure if this is some script by the ad people trying to get more page hits or if there's a bug in VK.
Welcome to my everyday experience on VK. I now use a script blocker that has to relearn all the nasty ways Google injects their scripts. Every third or fourth page load, and back to reloading pages. It's Google's AdSense service. I use the NoScript security suite add-on. Sad that VK can't tame the scripts.

I'm on Linux Mint, so IE is out, but Chromium works.
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