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Originally Posted by OvenMaster View Post
The color was key... copper-colored instead of the silver-colored steel sleeves that I recall from my long gone V-M.
I know a previous record player I worked on (RCA 7-ES-6J) had the copper colored bearings. I struggled with that motor for years before I finally figured out a method to make it behave. Overnight soak in lighter fluid (at that time it was kingsford kerosene starter, but I'll be using ronsonol going forward) got the old oil broken up and made it run at the correct speed. Giving it a drop of zoom spout would quickly wear off, though, and I kept having to haul it back to my work bench because the motor would start grinding and squealing. I eventually let the bearings sit overnight in a zoom spout bath, and I've yet to have another relapse. I'm not certain what color bearings are on the motors I'm planning to rebuild, but it seems like copper bearings at least need to have time to soak in motor oil to be fully impregnated.
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