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Here in England it's all UHF & has been for 40 odd years. Digital is rock solid now they've upped the power after analog closedown. My local transmitter (Waltham) used to be 250 Kw's TX'ing 5 channels in the analog days; it's now 50 Kw's for HD & public service (BBC, ITV, ch4 ch5 etc) SD Multiplex's; 25 Kw's for other commercial SD mux's; (Quest, CBS, 5 USA. Food network, Tru TV etc) 5 Kw's for local Nottinghamshire TV station, (with a very directional TX ant) 10.2 Kw's for a mux carrying Viva, Russia today, Al Jazeera etc; & 13.4 Kw's for a mux carrying 5*, More 4+1 & some pay channels. I get all these mux's with no breakup or dropouts with a UHF ant resting on top of the central heating water feed tank in the loft..
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