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Atari Lemans Racing

So someone I know was moving and had to get rid of it pretty fast. I paid under $100 for the shebang. Came with almost $3 in quarters rattling around inside.

It's been modified. It's Lemans in cabinet theme only.
At some point if I'm looking at the original cabinet right a pedal was removed and the landscape orientation B/W screen was replaced with a portrait color chassis from Electrohome. There is absolutely no identifying marks on the new game boardset short of it saying it is Model # 1390. Must say it has an impressive audio board on top at least. Harness is not JAMMA that I can tell an there has been modifications to it as well.

The power supply came up rock solid on a dummy load but unfortunately I cannot yet plug it in and see what is installed. The CRT chassis is....dead. The tube has clearly been used in both orientations for a variety of games, most notably QIX II.

The shifter was extremely stiff and had to be dismantled and regreased. The steering wheel has a badly worn bushing so the gear linkage to the strobewheel is misaligned.
The analog board other than being filthy and with a few questionable solder joints seemed fine however had a blown fuse. I cleaned up the board, changed two capacitors I wasn't confident about, replaced the fuse and applied power. Two seconds after power was applied without warning the flyback exploded.

I have never seen a flyback fail in such a fashion that it puked some of its windings out. It spooked everyone in the room.
The fuse didn't blow, mind you however I'm unsure what caused it to so destructively fail unless this was one of those monitors that have oscillator runaway if no sync signal is given.
Anyways, I got no video chassis for it.

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