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Originally Posted by KentTeffeteller View Post
Most professional TV repair technicians would heavily disagree with you too. Most of these repair technicians chose Zenith for many years as their best set reliability wise and their easiest serviced set. And RCA also were pretty serviceman friendly. Sony sets had very expensive spare parts, difficult support from Sony, and much more difficult to repair back in the day, compared to most other set makers. davet753's perspective agrees with most every veteran repair technician I have known of. Zenith, RCA, and several other major American brands of sets had very good manufacturer support on training technicians, spare parts availability, technical support, etc.
I agree with you.My friend who is going to be 98 years young this month which I used his shop's name for my user name serviced Zenith sets for over 40 plus years and said they were the best sets made.He also serviced Sylvania,RCA to name a couple of US made TV sets he serviced in his shop.He was not a fan of the Japanese sets.He will kill me over what I said earlier about the US sets..LOL......................

My late friend fixed Sony ,Panasonic and other Japanese sets across town in his shop.

There was another shop in town that fixed Magnavox but I did not know him good.The same goes for a Motorola/Quasar shop in town too that I did not know him good..

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