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Oh, how I hate those supplies. Got a good PSON signal? No? Then look elsewhere - I had a LN "B" series 46" Samsung with a bad surface mount (tiny) MOSFET that was shorted. A fellow tech led me down that path. The Mosfet toggled when the micro passed all the boot tests, and passed a 3.3V signal to the power supply to tell it to come on. He jumpered a 3V supply to the PSON terminal, and the set would come on, sort of. I got a Mosfet off an AOC board I had, and she came right up after that. Updated the firmware, and she's been reliable since.

When Samsung started buying the better caps and better boards (~2010 or so...) and got away from the Sony panels, quality went up exponentially. Ive got two other Samsungs, both with bad panels - one debonded (restaurant set, 20/7 operation) and the other is a Wii victim.

I've seen nothing but Vizios lately with the bad regulators on the main board. Getting tired of them, and all the blasted covers/screws....
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