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2 Japanese roundies

Here are 2 Japanese roundies from around 1961-1964. Used in some color experiments in Romania (there is an 1968 article from newspaper "Informaţia Bucureştului/The Infromation of Bucharest" - "Libertatea" since 22 Dec. 1989) about the color studio performing the experiments.
The "Hitachi" CT-150 haves and 21CYP22A "R.C.A." picture tube. The "Victor/J.V.C." I don't know. Last year they where behind some other stuff.
Proffesor Alexandru Spătaru, a pioneer of television in Romanian died in 2012. I thought that he dided before 1990. If I knew that he was still alive, I would have had ask him about the laboratory (by the time this aricle was posted on a forum, he was arelady dead).
The pictures of the sets where taken by me around year 2007.
What, the "Hitachi" CT-150 weights "only" 106 kilograms (223.68 pounds)? I thought it haves around 60 kilograms (132.27 pounds).

OLD, but ORIGINAL, not Made in CHINA.
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