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Originally Posted by Chip Chester View Post
I'm at the NAB convention in Vegas now. 8K displays are everywhere, and are similar in fidelity to looking out an open window... ATSC 3.0 monetization schemes are rampant. Buzzwords include "one encoder per person", as in custom streams to and from everyone on demand. Stock your pantries. Hide your livestock. Bedlam is nigh.
Eight-K? I thought 4K was as far as the television industry was willing to go as far as video resolution was concerned. I had read rumors about 8K eventually taking center stage over 4K, but I dismissed it as just that--a rumor.

I guess, however, it isn't just a rumor after all. If the NAB convention has 8K video displays everywhere you look, the industry must be preparing for that level of video resolution to upstage 4K, eventually shoving that format straight into obsolescence--not unlike how high-definition television made analog NTSC TV obsolete.
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