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I haven't yet heard or read anything about ATSC 3.0 tests in Cleveland, but that could change at any time. As I write this, all seven Cleveland TV stations are still operating under the ATSC 1.0 standard; none of them have made any tests or have announced that they are going to switch to ATSC 3.0 any time soon. The Phoenix area is much larger than the Cleveland TV market, though, so it makes sense that the former would be one of the first markets to run tests of ATSC 3.0. However, I would have expected the Los Angeles market, which is much larger than Phoenix, to have been the first market to test the new standard. Why was Phoenix chosen as the first test area? As I said, it would have made more sense to test the standard in L.A. or New York City since, again, these markets are much larger than any other television market in the US.
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