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Originally Posted by kx250rider View Post
I think I've said this before, but here goes again: That chassis is the best TV ever built, and will work forever. I have plenty of parts for those, and even a few complete working spare sets. On the audio issue, I'd first check/clean/tighten the pin sockets on the IF module, and also pull the chassis and resolder EVERY ground lug (at both ends, and in some cases in the center) of each terminal strip on that chassis. By doing that, you will pre-repair about 99.999% of all known issues.

That tuner and controller can be a bit quirky, and there were two versions of it (electromechanical and full-electronic), and the electromechanical one sometimes gets problems with tuner drifting and lights going out. Again, cleaning and touching up solder connections will fix that.

That was an old post, the sound IF module had actually been cracked, and someone had attempted to resolder the traces across the crack. I wound up just replacing the whole unit. The lights going out on the tuner was just caused by dirty contacts.

The only issue I'm having now, is when the set's only been on for about 30 min or less, it will intermittently flash white horizontal lines across the screen. (Not too often though, sometimes it doesn't do it at all) It appears to be identical to a problem I had on another color Zenith that turned out to be caused by a corroded focus pin inside the crt socket. But that's not the case here, I took the crt socket apart and it was fine. I haven't had much time to work on tvs lately, so I was kind of hoping the problem would either get better in which case I wouldn't have to worry about it, or get worse and more consistent in which case it would be easier to track down.
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