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kamakiri, not to be critical but that picture doesn't show a Galaxian nor does it show a fully restored Galaga.

Glad to see a lot of classic arcade game love here! It's my primary hobby:

It's so hard for me to narrow it down to 10 much less put them in order, but here's my stab at my top 10:

1. Donkey Kong
2. Spy Hunter
3. Elevator Action
4. Sea Wolf
5. Ice Cold Beer
6. Ms Pac Man
7. San Francisco Rush the Rock
8. Pole Position
9. Bubbles
10. 1942

Oh yeah, almost forgot to comment on the list above.

I own 7 of your list so obviously I like your list! Wouldn't mind getting an Asteroids/AD at some point but it's not in my top 10. I have fond memories of Space Invaders but it just doesn't do it for me much anymore. Galaga is a good game but it didn't ever particularly grab me BITD and due to the fact that it tends to be one of the more pricey classics, I don't have any great desire to get one. The rest on your list I own so enough said!

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