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Built December 5, 1966

Success! The Philco stereo phono/AM/FM receiver section is in and sounds great relatively speaking of course. Also last week I managed with the invaluable help of Chris Cuff's videos to clean and tune up the Philco badged Voice of Music record changer model 100C. The receiver's volume issues turned out to be simply dirty pots. I remembered low voltage modern circuits are like that. Either adding metal cabinet extension speakers (it has RCA jacks for them) or adding better speakers would be good as the 4 GE2 transistors manage to overwhelm the speakers which appear to be 2 oz magnet single 8" cone. The TV just uses the usual little speaker and can't play thru the hifi, could be arranged with some sort of switch box.

I had to repaint the top of the main tuning cap housing due to rust but otherwise I just cleaned it with brake cleaner, DeOxit for the pots, bits of lube for pot shafts and dial drive. Oh and a resistor and LED tuning light was added to replace dead OEM bulb (lower left).

December 5, 1966 (Monday)
In a case frequently cited as an example of the phenomenon of spontaneous human combustion, Dr. John I. Bentley, a 92-year old retired physician and surgeon, was found dead in his home in Coudersport, Pennsylvania. An Associated Press report noted only that he was "found dead in his Potter County home Monday, apparently the victim of a fire" and that "His clothes and the floor were partially burned." [17] The facts were more gruesome, because a meter reader found only a pile of ashes, and that the only identifiable portion of him was "his lower right leg, still clad in its bedroom slipper, and his walker, which strangely enough suffered little damage", as seen in a famous photograph of the death scene.[18] Some authors have blamed spontaneous combustion [19] Other authors point out that the leg as "lying at the edge of a hole about two and a half by four feet that had burned into the basement" and that Dr. Bentley was a pipe smoker who had previously been burned from dropping matches, or hot ashes, onto his clothes. A plausible theory was that Bentley had accidentally ignited his robe, attempted to douse the flames with water from a pitcher, ignited the linoleum floor the hardwood flooring and wooden beams beneath it.[20]
The United States Supreme Court ruled unanimously that Julian Bond had been improperly denied a seat in the Georgia House of Representatives after winning two elections to the state legislature. The Court concluded that the basis for the disqualification Bond's criticism of American policies in the Vietnam War) had been a violation of Bond's right to free speech. "Legislators have an obligation to take positions on controversial political questions," Chief Justice Earl Warren wrote, "so that their constituents can be fully informed by them," and added that the denial of the seat "violated Bond's right of free expression under the First Amendment".[21] The House would, reluctantly, administer the oath of office to Representative Bond, along with all the other members, on January 9, 1967.[22]
The successful musical I Do! I Do! opened on Broadway, at the 46th Street Theatre, and would run for 560 performances. The entire cast was limited to two actors, and only one set, as the play followed the course of a 50-year marriage. Mary Martin and Robert Preston were the first to perform the roles of Agnes and Michael Snow.[23]
Buffalo Springfield's self-titled debut album was released.
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