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Amplified DTV Antenna.

I hit the thrift shops rather often. I buy various makes of DTV converters, amplified set-top antennas and amplified splitters, conparison use. Most of the set-tops, flat panels and miracle antennas are disappointing, at best.
The only one I found that works, what I consider good is the Terk, that looks like a Yagi design. My home is 37-40 miles from the Milwaukee transmitter site. I get, all the UHF based channels and the subs 96% of the time. Weather conditions, in the area affect it. I have it on the closet shelf and it must be a sweet spot.
BTW, when I first moved here, 11 years ago, the only analogue channels that I could receive with a set-top antenna was channel 6 and 24, that was watchable.
The E place has the Antenna for various prices from $14.00 to $68.00, but watch the shipping charges, when You bid.
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