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Originally Posted by jr_tech View Post
Nice! but do you receive The high band VHF channel (WMVS ch 8) from Milwaukie? At a distance, people seem to have a lot more problems receiving the VHF channels, while the much higher power UHF can be pretty decent (weather permitting).
Terk HDTVa? My wife was using one of those in her Sewing/Quilting room until a strong wind/rain storm killed reception during an important football game. We live only about 12 miles from the TV towers. I had egg on my face as I quickly ran coax down the hallway to connect her set up to an outside antenna

edit add; link to Terk HDTVa, note the VHF dipoles on the sides :

not affiliated,
The WMVS channel 8's, which is 10-1,2 and three only come in once in a while. I really don't need them, as they're re-broadcast on 36-1,2,3 etc and they come in perfectly. I'm using a Zenith DTV converter. The only one that seems to come close is the Digital Stream and the Channel Master.
My RCA prison-vision sets seem to do a fair job, with just an inside antenna.
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