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Originally Posted by TUD1 View Post
Thanks, and yes, I'm aware of the convergence issue. I tried doing dynamic convergence using the coils on the convergence board, but they didn't do much of anything. I got it as good as I could and left it alone.

I got my Zenith converter box brand new in the box in January of this year at an estate sale. I'm using an Iron Butterfly antenna.
If you are using just a simple UHF bowtie antenna, you must not be as far from Birmingham's TV towers as I had originally thought. You are only about 9.5-10 miles from the city of Birmingham itself (I looked up the city on yesterday), but it is possible you could be slightly further away from the TV station towers, as most TV stations have their towers located in high-elevation areas, often high-ground suburbs, so as to maximize their coverage areas. As an example, the TV stations serving my area near Cleveland are located in Parma, Ohio, a southwestern high-elevation suburb of the city, some 40 miles from where I live. There are some areas, however, such as New York and Chicago, in which the TV transmitters and antennas are actually located in the downtown areas of those cities; New York's stations are atop the city's Empire State Building (some having been relocated since the World Trade Center disaster in 2001), and most of Chicago's stations are atop that city's Sears Tower.

BTW, I didn't realize you had already reconverged your TV's CRT. It's been a while (45 years, to be exact) since the last time I had a TV with a round color tube, but I do recall that it isn't easy to converge them, especially in the corners of the screen. (I was trying to converge my set's tube by eye, without a pattern generator--believe me, I'll never do that again, as the results were far from even optimal.)
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