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I still time shift with my VCR today .I'm not fond of using my DVD recorders because I dont trust them and I dont need anymore coasters or mini frisbees from it.

Thank goodness that Walmart still carries blank VHS tapes.BJ's stop stocking them a year ago.

For pre-recorded tapes.I cant recall what was my last purchase.I got dozens given to me and purchased used ones at the fleamarket over the years.

For new VCR's s .It was back in 1998.I picked up a tons of used working VCR's at the fleamarket.

Also VCR's that were given to me plus ones I found in the trash and at the curb.

Since I was in repairing them I probably have 200 plus here in my garage,basement and shed just for parts.

I dread the day when the stores stop carrying VHS tapes and I got to use the DVD recorders.

I'm glad that some of the TV nets or places that have complete episodes of TV shows that I can watch online.
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