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I got THE HOWDY DOODY SHOW today @ salvation army

There are 4 episodes on this tape! -- When I saw yesterday it was put on the tape in 2000,i didnt wanna get it as I didnt know if they just put the digital master of it on the tape (GARBAGE) and I dont want that,i can see enough of that compromised analog stuff on cable TV or DirecTV,when i get VHS i want the nicest analog quality!!

Today When I was @ salvation army,i figured i would give it a try since It wasnt put on by one of the big companies that might do that... It was put on by NBC HOME VIDEO and its georgeous!

The Original 35mm master WAS USED!!!!!!!!! -- IT EVEN HAS THE ORIGINAL NBC TONES @ THE END OF THE SHOW!! (Ya know it goes bong,bong,bong...... While displaying NBC on screen)

I havent ever seen 1 episode of this show before today......I watched 2 so far
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