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Several years back they had a "Ham fest" in Knoxville. It was SORTA under the "Auspices" of Oak Ridge lab. It looked to me like someone had decided to clean out all their closets, Junque Holes, Hidee Holes... It was 13 June, my birthday. It was in the gym at this local elementary school, & YOU don't have a CLUE as to how HOT, sticky, Nasty... There must have been a couple pickup trucks' worth of worn out, broken parts, a fellow MIGHT have been able to possibly get a halfway decent scope out of that WHOLE mess...Maybe. The best part of the whole mess was this tall-6 feet blonde gal who had a too tight halter top & Daisy Duke pants. All their "Ham" stuff was those junk-o-tronic scopes, a few other goodies-but NO boatanchors, anything halfway neat. Most of the people there were kids who likely had NEVER seen a Tooob type 'scope...Oh, well...At least the tall, blonde in the white halter top was pretty nice to look at...(Grin)
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