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Originally Posted by KentTeffeteller View Post
This changer dates from the 1960's and was arguably the best US built changer up to the GE buyout of Glaser-Steers in 1965. And it's a great changer. I want one before I die, and mine would be using a Shure M 44-7. Overhauled right, it will serve you for many years. And this changer in good order is arguably better than many a Garrard, the LAB 80's the only better they built. It is legitimately HiFi in every way. A USA classic in design and engineering. And even the cost and feature cut GE later versions were more than good.
The first one I worked on amazed me the way it works. The turntable stops completely before the next record drops, then starts again before the stylus drops in the lead-in groove.
The manufacturer claimed it minimized record wear.
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