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2003 Grand Marquis problems

So about 4 months ago I decided to floor it, and the engine hesitated and then took off but started missing badly. I had no time to work on it, so it sat for about a month.

Then I figured I'd just try changing the plugs and see what happens. Only two plugs were at all dirty enough that I thought they might cause any problems, but after I put in the new plugs and started it up it ran fine.

Now it would still miss occasionally when idling, not regularly, about once a minute increasing in regularity the longer I sat idling, and in drive with the brakes on only, it wouldn't do it if I shifted into neutral. It would also sometimes give me trouble when going uphill, but would start running fine if I accelerated while going up the hill.

Then after about 3 weeks of running more or less ok, I was stuck in traffic for a long time, and it started running crappy again. I pulled out the plugs, and they weren't dirty at all. Now, I haven't driven it much since, but what I have found out is that if I let it sit for a few days, it runs fine afterwards, until I let it idle in drive for about a minute, then it starts running crappy again. If I let it sit again it runs fine, and the cycle repeats itself.

Now I don't really know where to start, other than it's not the spark plugs (and probably not the ignition coils either). Vacuum leak? fuel pump? clogged tailpipe Any ideas?

I miss having older cars that I understand better. If anyone wants to swap me for or is looking to sell (in the 2-3K range or less) an older American car in drivable (or nearly drivable) condition with a carburetor, distributor, and no stinkin' computers, with an 8 (or at least a 6) let me know.

And it's freezing in my garage. I've left one of those electric radiators on in there for about 24 hours now, cause I wanted to go out there and work on that remote RCA b/w in the metal cabinet I got at the fall etf, and it's barely made any difference in the temperature, if at all.
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