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Expensive-NOW ?! Just wait til you decide you absolutely,positively GOTTA have a Zenith Porthole,or a Roundie Color set.. Me,I'd LOVE to have a working TK-41 "Chain"- But people in H3!! would like to have Ice Water, too.... But one of the best aspects of this hobby is that ordinarily, we're "All for One,& One for All"-We're pretty happy when one of us makes a nice score, & jealousy for the most part doesn't enter into it. My Sister is big into western pleasure show horses, & that crew oughta wear knife- proof clothing, as they're always trying to knife each other in the back. Oh, we'll "Razz" each other, but virtually always its in good fun. And there's "Razzing", & then there's being mean & snotty. The Horse Bunch are typically mean & Snotty...
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