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I use an electric throw - it safely stays on for 3 hours max. It's sandwiched between the flannel top sheet and the comforter, and uses about 27 watts. It operates for three hours, plenty of time to get warm for the night's sleep. Not tonight, though - with 74 degree daytime temps, it'll stay off...

As to recalls, baby and toddler stuff (cribs, beds, toys) still leads the way, followed by automobiles. I think electric appliances are a distant 6th, behind gas-powered tools (mowers, snow-blowers,..death and mayhem...), jewelry (child choke hazard and cadmium/lead...), and lighting. Just more of the preceding stuff - cars vs. electric blankets in sheer for the win!

Can you tell I was a Safety Analyst/Risk Assesor once? And that I subscribe to the CPSC feed on recalls? You can never have too much info, I figure, and it's our tax dollars to boot....

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