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Best ideas for homebrew antennas/locations

I have embarked upon a house project that I've had in mind for many years... The construction of a new second floor at my house. This transforms it from a crummy 3rd bedroom with 4' knee walls into a giant master bed/bath/utility room and exercise room.

It also allows me to install a "real" antenna rather than all the little rabbit ears I'm using on converter boxes. Right now, the builder is renting a bucket lift to do the siding, so the time is ideal to mount something outside. Here is a photo that illustrates the additional height I can utilize.

Unfortunately, the idea to mount the antenna while the builder has the bucket lift only hit me late today... Meaning that ordering online and shipping probably won't be fast enough. I could buy something at a brick & mortar, (if they still even carry antennas). I do have a good mom & pop electronics store in walking distance. However, I also have a bunch of sheet aluminum and a metal brake on site that I can play with when the builder leaves for the day.

Here is the Antenna map web with my location. As you can see, my house is built on an angle to due NSEW. I've represented the back wall of the house with a blue line. Since every station I'd care to receive is located SW, I figure that I can locate the antenna on the west side of the house below the peak of the roof (looks better) without losing any performance. Nothing east or north but water and pine trees. Also note the two blue dots... These represent old gable vents which will remain open, but boxed into the new drywall in the second floor. If I were to locate an antenna in the attic, they would be a path not obstructed by wood/shingles; just a nylon mesh.

Inside view:

My thinking is to build a double bowtie as large as I can fit into this boxed area and mount at a severe angle SW. I also wonder if I build two, (and/or maybe a third VHF design) in the attic, could they all be linked together for the best of all worlds? The VHF would be to cover RF Channel 7 (virtual 2, and the hardest to receive).

Going inside will keep me out of our crummy weather and allow me to sell the house to "regular people" who have flatscreens and use nonsense words like Roku and Hulu. On the other hand, if an outdoor mount makes a big difference, so it shall be done.

What say the group? Best homebrew design? Best trade-off location given my options? Can I link different designs together to optimize UHF and sorta Hi-VHF?
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