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Going inside will keep me out of our crummy weather and allow me to sell the house to "regular people" who have flatscreens and use nonsense words like Roku and Hulu. On the other hand, if an outdoor mount makes a big difference, so it shall be done.

Ha Ha Ha ! !

I have combined antennas with success.... All you need it the combiners.
Now from what I read combiners, and splitters are the same item, but
stores that sell both get more for the written differentiation.....

You can choose either combiner splitters, or UHF VHF FM signal splitters like
the little plastic ones RS use to sell for inside use..... The reason to use that
type is noise, but they are plastic not shielded. ( Only the desired frequencies
are passed, so less noise because of the tighter band width.)
All metal splitters have better noise figures. Blonder Tongue makes nice 75
ohm screw end splitters, and
you can but them on ebay, some times in bulk for less then single units.
I got some years ago when I did the house with antenna wire. Be sure to
get (end caps) Terminators for the ports not used! If you get 4 way and only
need 2 way splitters.... I had 5 and 6 way, no problems with the end caps....

Believe it or not, Placement of the antennas has more to do with getting a
signal to "add" than + - wire attachment. Antennas placed in a vertical
stack don't work as well as antennas spaced apart on a horizontal plane.
This is for same frequency, like 2 bow ties for UHF.

I agree inside placement is a better way to go, I use to have that in the analog
days, but now with lower power digital I had to go rooftop. As long as you
don't have any reflection items like the aluminum insulation A/C units, pipe,
etc, you should be ok.....

Good Luck !

PS Nice conversion on that house ! ! I assume not all of the upper space will
be used for living.... I want to do something like that to add more solar panels
to our house..... There is a room behind our garage with 6 air panels and we
need about 6 more to get better than 20% of our heat from the sun.....

PS 2, You know, when I was in college I put a set of UHF VHF tv top type
rabbit ears down the hall in a closet, and ran coax to my room in the ceiling
to a distribution amp and got killer great tv picture on everything.....
You could get one of those old units with the 6 position switch and flip
it around till you get what you want.... It'll freak out the next round of
renovators 30 years from now when they find it in the wall.....

Yes you can call me "Squirrel boy"

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